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Guarding the Past for the Future: A Wreck Hunter's Evolution (2015)

Honorable Mention, BLUE Ocean Film Festival 2015

Directed by David J. Ruck

Produced by David J. Ruck and Kate Thompson

NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

Running Time: 8:31


Steve Kroll is a wreck hunter and a retired teacher from Roger’s City, Michigan located on the shores of Lake Huron. Since the 1970’s, Steve has been diving the wrecks located in and around the treacherous shoals of Thunder Bay, off Alpena, Michigan. His passion: exploration and discovery of treasured underwater time capsules preserved within the deep cold waters of the Great Lakes. When NOAA proposed establishing Thunder Bay as a national marine sanctuary in the late 1990’s, people like Steve were not happy about the idea. Matter of fact, they were dead set against it. As plans moved ahead, however, some unexpected turns would begin to reshape Steve’s view of the proposed sanctuary, the wrecks it would protect, and the community it would bring together. Follow Steve as he weaves his story of the hunt, his discoveries, and why these treasures need to be protected...

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