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Capital of Protected Places (2017)

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

RT: 2:09

Premiered at Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2017

Audience: Elected officials, donors, conservation groups

Purpose: To showcase the economic, social, and ecological impact of protecting ocean and Great Lakes resources.

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.  Much like the National Park Foundation, NMSF uses its resources to promote and highlight national marine sanctuaries through education, outreach, fundraising, events, and advocacy.  They work closely with elected officials, partner organizations and their counterparts within NOAA, increasing the footprint of awareness, while pushing for strong protections for ocean and Great Lakes resources within national marine sanctuaries.

Every year, NMSF puts on the Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW), a summit in Washington, D.C.  Through forums, keynote speakers, panels and mixers, CHOW brings the best minds in science, outreach, fundraising, government and non profits together to confront the issues surrounding the ocean.  This video kicked off their evening gala and has been used to promote the work of sanctuaries, the foundation and it's partners.

Diver explores American Samoa


A diver explores "Big Momma", a giant coral in American Samoa within National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. 
Photo by David J. Ruck

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