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The Search for the Griffon: Oldest Shipwreck of the Great Lakes (2013)

A preview of a documentary on the search for La Salle's long lost Griffon

Directed by David J. Ruck

Produced by Anne Menotti and David J. Ruck

Executive Producer: Great Lakes Exploration Group

Running Time: 7:05


Steve Libert and his crew of divers have been searching for the oldest known sailing ship to have gone missing in the upper Great Lakes since the 1980s.  After Steve heard the story of La Salle and the building of the Griffon and its eventual disappearance, he thought that maybe one day he could be the one to find it.  After 30 years of research and diving in an area Steve thinks the Griffon might be, the team is getting closer and closer to discovering whether or not an object they found off a remote island in Lake Michigan could be part of the fated ship.


Below are short clips to introduce you to some of the people behind the search for Le Griffon and the identification effort.  What was La Salle doing in the Americas?  What was his mission?  What was the purpose of Le Griffon?  Why has it been sought by so many?  Is it likely to ever be found?  Rich Gross and Ken Vrana explain.

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