Elusive shipwrecks. Great Lakes research.  Physical Therapy.  Beer.

I've worked with numerous clients to help tell their stories and get them seen.

Rose Physical Therapy Group needed to boost their online presence.  More views, more likes, and more clients.  By showcasing success stories, Rose was able to boost their competitiveness in the DC region as a top-notch practice.

Great Lakes Exploration Group had been searching for the oldest shipwreck in the Great Lakes for 30 years.  As they grew closer to launching the largest phase yet in their exploration to find Le Griffon - the first sailing ship in the upper Great Lakes - they partnered with me to create videos highlighting their team and their journey.

Unruly Brewing Company in Muskegon, MI was just hitting the market with their craft beer and wanted to set the stage for their high-octane, rock-inspired beverages.  We created a video for them that let the world know: Unruly was for real.

Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute - Grand Valley State University in Muskegon, Michigan asked me to create an introductory video that students see before a day aboard one of their two research vessels.  Along with this, they asked if they could have a quick clip they could use in power points and other presentations to kick off speaking events and fundraisers.

Small Business

Rose Physical Therapy Group - Doug Stroock, Air Guitarist


Directed by David J. Ruck

Great Lakes Exploration Group - The Search for the Griffon


Directed by David J. Ruck

Unruly Brewing Company - UNRULY!


Directed by David J. Ruck

Produced by Anne Menotti

Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute

Grand Valley State University


Directed by David J. Ruck

Grand Valley State University

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