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Instant gratification.  Well, almost.  

Photography is one of my escapes.  Whereas films take days and weeks to complete, I can spend a couple hours in the woods or near the water and play with the results that day with photography. 

I especially enjoy night photography.  I let the camera keep its eye open for a few seconds or minutes and BOOM: something appears that I could not see with my own eye.  One technique I often use is a flashlight and "paint" elements within the photo with light to bring out details or create shadows.

Another challenge is capturing movement.  When it comes to people, I prefer not to stage them.  I'd sooner follow them on a walk in the woods or be with their children on a playground, looking for that moment that reveals something about the soul.  I guess all of my photography is about that on some level.

If you have an interest in getting a print made, give me a shout.  I'll work with you to get it made up right.  I can get it framed or you can get the print and have that done yourself.  Let me know!

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