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Non Profit

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is the non-profit arm of NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.  Much like the National Park Foundation, this not-for-profit organization operates as a fiscal sponsor of the many scientific, educational and partner-building activities that bridges the gap between governmental and the private sector.

For this video, of which two versions exist, the goal was to give a high-power overview of the diversity of people and activities in which the sanctuaries and the foundation engages.  The goal is to bring awareness to these many aspects and empower people - especially elected officials - shining light on the value-added to the American people and our way of life as we relate to the ocean.

Women in Fatherhood is an organization that champions both parents being involved in child development regardless of the relationship between the parents.  For this campaign, they wanted to showcase role models and perspectives on raising children to promote their stated goals while shedding light on this important issue.

To help them accomplish this, we approached these short films as mini-documentaries instead of going a scripted route.  Storytelling is often the most powerful way to explore a topic and these films do exactly that.

Capital of Protected Places (2017)
National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
Running Time: 2:00
Directed by David J. Ruck
Narrated by Steve Gittings
Women in Fatherhood (2012)
Part 7
"Friendship and Fatherhood"
Directed by David J. Ruck
Produced by Anne Menotti
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