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Documentary Filmmaker


Learn from my experience.

Craft your message.

Reach new audiences.

It all starts with telling your story.  According to Cisco, video will account for 80% of online traffic by 2019.  Increasingly, consumers of social media are learning about the world around them through short videos that populate their feeds.  There has been a real opportunity here - the democratization of who can produce content seen by the masses - but the dynamics are shifting.  You need great content - that will never change - but how you craft your messages, who you target, and how you interact with your audience requires a well-designed and executed plan.

I specialize in helping non-profit, government and university clients craft powerful video stories that showcase their good work, which could otherwise go overlooked, underreported or ignored.

I have found this to be especially true among scientific and research-based organizations that are fantastic at growing our understanding of the world around us, but abysmal at communicating this understanding to a lay audience.  As a result, the only people that care about a scientific advancement are other scientists who have read about it in a scientific journal or report.  Consumers, stakeholders and the general public are none-the-wiser.  Elected officials have no context for the work, their constituents don't care about it, and therefore are less likely to fund its furtherance.  This is where I can help.  We can start reaching new people today.

David Ruck filming


NOAA Sea Grant




Whether advocating for the funding of America's Human Spaceflight Program, helping citizens' voices be heard in the battle against a company that threatens the safety of their groundwater, showcasing the passion behind the science to help explain ocean acidification, or illustrating the value of place-based education on a tall ship, video stories I created draw attention to important issues of our time.  I can help your organization leverage the tools of storytelling to grow your network, embolden your supporters, or get a leg up on the competition in search of funders for your research.  Ask me how.


I am frequently asked to give presentations to schools, lecture halls, public venues, or present one of my films.  I love these events and look forward to engaging an audience.  These types of engagements have included astronauts, scientists, academics, policy makers and other professionals.  I am also asked to appear in college classrooms to discuss my experiences with budding documentary filmmakers or media students. Book me today.

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